Self-Assess Your Entrepreneurial Instinct

I came across a set of articles on the Forbes site related to entrepreneurialism. I encourage people to move beyond the out-dated idea of the entrepreneur as a person starting up a business. That is still certainly one aspect of entrepreneurialism, but increasingly each one of us must think of ourselves as entrepreneurs, as people who must reflect in what skills they possess, how it adds value, and how to crisply communicate that to others directly and indirectly through mediums such as the internet. Tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the numerous blog sites as well as YouTube make self-marketing not only possible, but essential for a successful career.

On the Forbes site they have a self-assessment tool designed by Thomas Harrison and Mary Frakes to measure your entrepreneurial instinct. Take the online assessment, and then if you are interested, check out the background on their methodology. That is also a good read.

Some other prior posts that touched on the theme of thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur include:

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