xraydelta is a site published by Bruce Miyashita, an experienced performance improvement and change management practitioner who has worked primarily in the related fields commonly known as process management, six sigma and lean thinking. This site, however, is not particularly devoted to these topics, but more broadly on the nature of achieving and sustaining breakthrough performance.

The purpose of this forum is to publish and share insights on how to discern the nature of an improvement and change situation, envision one or more possible approaches given the context, and then decide how best to go about implementing beneficial and lasting change.

Over the past 25 years Bruce’s work has focused on the nature, challenges, and issues related to improving the way we do things both at work and in our private lives. This sometimes appears under the heading of things like “continuous improvement,” “six sigma,” “lean thinking,” “leadership,” “change management” and so forth. His perspective is that these labels are usually unhelpful because they tend to conjure in one’s mind a predefined set of definitions, assumptions, and arguments that may or may not match how another person responds to the label and, even should people share the same terms and definitions, it often imposes limitations and  restrictions on thoughts and ideas, as well as subconscious self-censorship.

Consequently, the hope is that this arena will touch a broad scope of topics, all related loosely around the topic of how one can make breakthrough change occur and persist (at least until the next discontinuity occurs or is needed) whether those changes are process, behavioral or attitudinal in their nature.

Another recurring theme is the need and importance of applying both left and right brain thinking to problems, of approaching change and performance as matters of both art and science.

Bruce earned his undergraduate degree from the Arts and Science Programme of McMaster University (1984) and his MBA from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario (1988). He has worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company and as an executive at Bombardier and Maple Leaf Foods.

As for the title, xray delta, or X Δ, is short hand for extraordinary delta, where the delta represents the change or “delta” in performance.

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6 Comments on “Welcome”

  1. FredLeland says:

    Very nice Web-site sir. Its packed full of info. I loved the recent posts on “Closing the GAP between Strategy and Execution” something in my view that is necessary in making more effective organizations.

  2. George says:

    Hey Bruce, firstly happy and healthy new year. This is George
    karpouzis, owner of The Hot ‘n Dog restaurant that you mentioned on your blog. I just wanted to say THANKS! Cheers and all the best!

  3. MB says:

    Great source of information and knowledge from an industry thought leader. Thanks for the passion Bruce and for continuing to mentor.

  4. […] art, commonly known as data visualization and infographics. Check out this post by Bruce Miyashita, performance improvement and change management […]

  5. Nice job bruce, Good reading
    I see a lot of your father in you!

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