A gr8 site: BLDGBLOG

Geoff Manaugh, an architecture enthusiast who believes that design possibilities can be found everywhere, is the author of a very interesting and well-written blog titled BLDGBLOG (http://bldgblog.blogspot.com/), a long-running catalog of all things spatially unexpected. He is a former senior editor of Dwell; contributing editor at Wired UK; and, now, co-director of Studio-X NYC, an urban futures think tank and off-campus event space run by the architecture department at Columbia University.

I spend as much time as I am able reading about architectural and design theory because I believe that many issues facing organizations requires an approach to problem solving that is holistic and highly “right-brained.” In this sense, this systemic or holistic problem-solving is much like types of mathematics that requires an ability to think in terms of forms and shapes as well as aesthetic “rightness.”

Manaugh site is also worth exploring because he is such an engaged observer of his surroundings, much like a scientist, only in this case the field of study is the urban landscape.

By coincidence, one of the interviews in his blog is of China Mieville, who wrote a book I am currently reading called “The City and The City.”