“Lean” Laundry

acca7eb9dad64e74d3aa549b7eab081fWashit (they might want to consider using a well-placed hyphen in their product name) is a neat concept from four student designers from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. Like most cases of innovation, it starts with some basic needs and observations. First is that showers and washing machines are responsible for a big share of home water consumption (around 40 gallons for a 15-minute shower); second, is that the design of many washing machines is that people generally have to wait to build-up a relatively large batch of laundry, a tactic that often makes the machine less effective and means that your favorite t-short is waiting in a queue to get cleaned; third is that filtration systems have improved to the point where they could more economically clean gray water (water from a shower, for example).

Put these elements together and they developed an integrated shower/washing machine. Filters and a UV unit clean water used from the washing machine unit or the shower to store it for the next use. Now, laundry is done is a more “lean” just-in-time manner (small loads of up to 3 pounds) and water that previously would go down a drain for cleaning by the massive public infrastructure of a city is now cleaned at source (reducing wasted motion).