Collapse: a documentary by Chris Smith

I have watched several times an engrossing documentary entitled “Collapse” which features radical thinker Michael Ruppert. Among other topics he presents his thesis on peak oil (the theory that oil production has reached practical limits of total output and that it will not keep up with the current rate of increase in demand) on the ramifications for our way of life and society as currently constructed.

In this clip he talks about the inherent oil-intensity of today’s food production processes. One arresting assertion (I cannot speak to its veracity) is that there are 10 calories of energy in each calorie of food consumed in the western world. I would say that this assertion seems plausible given the level of energy consumption I have seen first hand in the factories, warehouses, trucks, and packaging of many food plants and farms. Whether alarmist, prescient or both, it is worth considering and asking oneself whether one believes the thesis and if not, why not, and if so, the implications.