PE Leadership: The Empowered Organization

It is interesting how “transformation” and “transformative events” are so often cast in the form of technology and technology-enabled change. It is certainly true that technology is a big factor.

But in this video, I argue that there is an opportunity for transformation with as big an impact on performance as any new technology, specifically the transformation of top-down driven, “command and control” models of leadership and organization design, to the so-called “inverted pyramid” of an empowered organization.

The implications for everything — metrics, rewards, recruiting, promotion, training, policy, strategy, culture, leadership etc. — make this change truly transformative for an organization.

The reason to do this? To the extent an organization is agile, nimble, innovative and resilient is to a great extent a reflection of the extent that it has, or has not, implemented a practical empowerment model.

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