Give Me Some Space, Please

In a world that we’re told is increasingly “flat” with distinctions between geographies breaking down in the face of a ubiquitous internet-based culture, it is always interesting to note those things that are idiosyncratic of a particular culture. Living space and privacy have always been constrained in Japan; from this market comes yet more fascinating examples of the ingenuity and wackiness of the Japanese consumer market. One question is whether or not any of these ideas would find demand in either North America or elsewhere.

First there is the Solo Theatre, a cardboard box contraption that holds your smartphone and creates a “movie theatre” that fits over your head.


Amusingly, the designers, Lucy Alter Design, also include a pseudo-audience so that you can enjoy your movie with others:



Here’s their YouTube pitch:

Bibi Lab, a Japanese design firm is selling a “Bocchi Tent” (the “alone tent”) people can use to create a private space at work or home (one market is for video gamers). It started out as a bit of a lark (a worker brought a tent to work to get some uninterrupted time) but the company thought there might be a market for the idea.



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