Brad Pitt’s Moneyball TIFF Press Conference

I think Brad Pitt does a good job summarizing the central message of Moneyball, that performance improvement professionals, such as Black Belts, should take to heart. Said Pitt at the TIFF press conference:

“For me it was questioning the things we accept everyday, that these guys were…because we’ve been doing something the same way for so long does that make it right for today? We don’t stop and question the context of why those decisions were made at that time, and that speaks to me.”

I attended the premiere of the film and thought it was a good adaptation of the book, which was excellent. I am amazed this film was done. If someone had said Brad Pitt would do a film about sabermetrics, the study of baseball through statistics, I would have thought they were nuts. Mind you, the statistical element is reduced in the film version. Rather, the film highlights the misfits and underdog aspect of the story, but in my opinion it is a good film, perhaps not great, but a solid effort.

Here is the press conference:

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