Chinese Company “Prints” a House



The process of construction is one of the most un-lean activities that exists.

WinSun has reportedly used a giant 3D printer to create small dwellings. Admittedly the structures are quite basic, but the point is that we are finally seeing more innovation and lean approaches to the building of homes and commercial structures.

The team, based in Shanghai, printed out these houses, using recycled materials.  Using this method, they were able to 3D print ten, 650 sq. foot houses in less than a day.

They used a giant 3D printer, which is 105 feet long, 33 feet wide, and 21 feet tall. The houses were built in Shanghai’s Qingpu district and WinSun used a special ink, consisting of construction waste and industrial waste. Each unit cost about $4800.

Here’s a video that provides and overview:



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