Stop Wasting My Time


This man wants to take less of your time…

I don’t know Guy Laurence, the CEO of Rogers since last December, and only time will tell if he is able to change the culture and processes of his organization, but he certainly said the right things (speaking both as a performance improvement professional and as a customer of Rogers) about the sorry state of his firm’s (and the industry’s) processes and resultant customer experience.

In a recent industry conference, he spoke about providing more simplicity and less time-consuming complexity:

Yes, we’ve done a good job of bringing fast, reliable networks to Canadians, but we’re not set up as an industry to fully utilize technology….to give back time…When I look to our own industry I think we’re compounding the issue by wasting time through complexity.

If we don’t understand how valuable their time is, and design what do with this in mind, then we will be irrelevant.

Lots of people don’t want to call a call centre. They want to go online and solve it in three minutes, not 30. Don’t get me wrong. I think there will always be call centres but are we really bringing in enough simplicity to our customers?

Like any CEO he has his work cut out for him to turnaround the culture and behaviors of a large organization. xray-delta hopes that the Force is with him.